U03 10x30mm U-Shape Internal Width 20mm LED Aluminum Channel System with Cover, End Caps and Mounting Clips Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Light Installations

U03 10x30mm U-Shape Internal Width 20mm LED Aluminum Channel System with Cover, End Caps and Mounting Clips Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Light Installations
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* LENGTH&PACK: Available for 5x0.5M-Pack, 5x1M-Pack, 10x1M-Pack, 20x2M-Pack, 25x2M-Pack and 50x3M-Pack; Profile Finish Available Options: Silver and Black
* LOW PROFILE: U-shape aluminum extrusion profile with flange for both recessed and surface mount LED lighting projects 
* FIT <20mm Strips: 20mm inner width to accommodate all kinds of <20mm LED strip lights and 20mm waterproof strips 
COVER: Milky White & Clear. Oyster white cover provide a well diffused light that is comparable to neon effect, ideal for decorative and accent lighting 
ALUMINUM ALLOY: Aircraft grade anodized silver aluminum material, better heat dissipation, providing great protect for delicate LED strip lights

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Regular Price: $19.99

Special Price $15.99




1.Lightingwill Aluminum Profile Kit is a great solution for low-cost DIY under cabinet lighting fixture.
2.It is designed for recessed/surface mounting to tie-in furniture, under cabinet,shelves, drywall, wooden partitions, etc., also can be activated to create decorative luminescent bands in the walls, ceiling, floor, lights, work surfaces, shelves, steps, niches. 
3.The Oyster/Opal white PC cover works well to help spread the light. This aluminum channel/profile works with LED flex/rigid strip lights (less than 20.6mm wide). 
4.This kit includes the channel, cover, end caps, and mounting clips needed for a complete aluminum channel installation. 
5.The cover softens the 'spottiness' of LED strip lights, producing a more consistent and pleasing light. This aluminum channel is extendable and sold by meter. You can add as many meters as you need and connect them together seamlessly. 

Configuration: U-Shape Channel: Extruded aluminum Diffuser: Oyster White Cover 
Height: 0.43inch (10.84mm)
Inner diameter: 0.81inch (20.6mm)
Top Width: 1.3inch (30.31mm) 
Back Width: 0.93inch (23.5mm)

Packages Include:

5x0.5M-PACK Includes:
5x 0.5meter Aluminum Channel
5x 0.5meter PMMA Lens 
10x End Caps (5 with hole, 5 deaf)
10x Mounting Clips

5x1M-PACK Includes:
5x 1meter Aluminum Channel
5x 1meter PC Lens 
10x End Caps (5 with hole, 5 deaf)
10x Mounting Clips

10x1M-PACK Includes:
10x 1meter Aluminum Channel
10x 1meter PMMA Lens 
20x End Caps (10 with hole, 10 deaf)
20x Mounting Clips

20x2M-PACK Includes:
20x 2meter Aluminum Channel
20x 2meter PMMA Lens 
40x End Caps (20 with hole, 20 deaf)
80x Mounting Clips

25x2M-PACK Includes:
25x 2meter Aluminum Channel
25x 2meter PMMA Lens 
50x End Caps (25with hole, 25 deaf)
100x Mounting Clips

50x3M-PACK Includes:
50x 3meter Aluminum Channel
50x 3meter PMMA Lens 
100x End Caps (50 with hole, 50 deaf)
300x Mounting Clips

Cover Color: Milky White and Transparent

Housing Color: Silver and Black

About End Caps & Mounting Clips

1) One pieces of Aluminum Profile Include two end caps. One end caps with hole for wire, and the other is deaf. We sold the End Caps separately too if need.

2) With the Mounting clips, you can fix the Aluminum Profile on to objects' surface by screws. We sold the Mounting Clips separately too. 


About Mounting & Applications

1) Typical application for these Aluminum Profile is LED Flexible Strips & LED Light Bars. Depending on the inner Width and Height of the profile, it suits for different  model of strips. And you can use it for weatherproof LED strips for outdoor condition.

2) Those Aluminum Profile with LED light strips in can be used as Show Case Display Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, Under Cupboard Lighting, Ceiling or Wall Linear Lighting, Back Lighting for Advertisement Box and etc. It fits any occasions you can think of.

U01&U02 VS U03&U04 VS U05&U06 Lighting Effect

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