Outdoor Waterproof IP67 Metal Housing LED Transformer Power Supply AC110V / 220V to DC 12V/24V

Outdoor Waterproof IP67 Metal Housing LED Transformer Power Supply AC110V / 220V to DC 12V/24V
sku: HK-OD-PS-X

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Waterproof LED Transformer AC110V / 220V to DC 12V/24V
Input: AC 100-240V
Output: DC 12V/24V ± 0.5V
Waterproof type: IP67
Wattage: 36W-200W

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Regular Price: $22.90

Special Price $17.90



Waterproof LED Transformer  AC110V / 220V to DC 12V/24V

Input: AC 100-240V

Output: DC 12V/24V ± 0.5V

Waterproof type: IP67



Product Code


Voltage-Max Current

Size(L*W*H mm) Weight

Support Strip Light

HK-OD-PS-36 36W 12V 3A/ 24V 1.5A  150*32*22  0.25kg ≤2M(6.56Ft)
HK-OD-PS-60 60W 12V 5A/ 24V 2.5A 155*67*53 0.5kg ≤ 3M(9.84Ft)
HK-OD-PS-100 100W 12V 8.3A/ 24V 4.16A 236.5*64*41 1.2kg ≤ 5M(16.4Ft)
HK-OD-PS-150 150W 12V 12.5A/ 24V 6.25 242.8*87*58 1.95kg ≤ 6.25M(20.5Ft)
HK-OD-PS-200 200W 12V 16.6A/ 24V 8.3A 235*140*63 3.5kg ≤ 8.3M(27.2Ft)
LPV-X-20 20W 12V 1.67A/ 24V 0.84A 118*35*26 0.25kg ≤ 1.6M(5.2Ft)
LPV-X-35 35W 12V 3.0A /24V1.5A 148*40*30 0.45kg ≤2.9M(9.5Ft)
LPV-X-60 60W 12V 5A/ 24V 2.5A 162.5*42.5*32 0.5kg ≤ 5M(16.4Ft)
CLG-X-60 60W 12V 5A/ 24V 2.5A 195.6*61.5*38.8 0.95kg ≤ 3M(9.84Ft)
CLG-X-96 96W 12V 8.3A/ 24V 4.16A  222.2*68*38.8 1.2kg ≤ 5M(16.4Ft)
CLG-X-150 150W 12V 12.5A/ 24V 6.25A 222.2*68*38.8 1.2kg ≤9M(29.5Ft)

Hardwire this Waterproof LED Transformer directly to your high voltage input source, and it will give you a stable 12/24 volts of power up to 3 amps (36W) /1.5 amp (36W);5.0 amps (60W) /2.5 amp (60W); 8.3 amps (100W)/4.16 amp(100W);12.5 amps (150W)/6.25 amp 100W/ and 16.6 amps (200W)/8.3 amp (200W).

It is completely sealed and achieves a waterproof rate of IP67.

This Waterproof LED Transformer ensures a good lighting effect and a long life span for all 12/24 volt LED products.


Transformer Wiring


* This waterproof IP67 LED power supply can be used for any outdoor 12V/24V LED lighting projects. Like Bathroom/Shower Lighting and Swimming Pool Lighting with 12V/24V IP67 LED strip lights, LED rigid light bar; 12V/24V LED garden lighting, in-ground lighting; 12V/24V fountain lighting, LED Advertisement Lighting Box, etc. Or any places that is damp or moisture need waterproof protection.


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Additional Information

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