1. LED Aluminum Profile
  2. 12V Flexible LED Light Strips

    12V Flexible LED Light Strips

    LED Strips are Made By
    A: SMD3528 (Single Chip, Top View, 4-6 lumen per LED for white color).  Available in 30 LEDs/M, 60 LEDs/M, 120 LEDs/M and 240 LEDs/M. 7 Colors.
    B: SMD335 (Single Chip, Side View, 4-6 lumen per LED for white color).  Available in 60 LEDs/M and 120 LEDs/M.  7 Colors.
    C: SMD5050 (Tri-Chip, Top View, 14-18 lumen per LED for white color).  Available in 30 LEDs/M, 60 LEDs/M and 120 LEDs/M. 8 Colors
  3. 24V Flexible LED Light Strips

    24V Flexible LED Light Strips

    LED flexible Strip in 24Volt DC, non-waterproof, waterproof, single color and RGB color are available . By using different LED types, such as 3528, 5050, 5630, 335…, provides the LED flexible strip with various brightness options.

  4. LED Module Strings

    LED Module Strings

    Waterproof IP65 LED module, with 20pcs module as a string, which are designed for outdoor channel letters lighting or back lighting, self stick with double sided tape, full color option
  5. Controllers


    12V or 24V LED RGB color changing controllers, LED single color dimmers and Amplifiers option. Manual operating, Wireless RF Remote Control, Wireless IR remote control choices.
  6. Accessories


    Accessories for LED flexible strips, LED rigid light bars, LED module and so on. Provide one-stop shopping experience with accessories like connectors, lead wires, power plug, splitters, double sided tapes.
  7. Color Changing(RGB) LED Light Strips / Bars

    Color Changing(RGB) LED Light Strips / Bars

    RGB color changing LED flexible strips or LED rigid light bars and compatible RGB controllers. Different RGB controller model makes the strip giving various light effects. Indoor use and outdoor use Amplifier options allow for bigger project.
  8. Rigid Light Bars

    Rigid Light Bars

    LED Rigid Light Bars or Linear LED light strip, designed for indoor or outdoor use, which can be used as under cabinet light, accent lighting, book shelf lighting or anywhere you can think of.Single color like White, Warm White, Red, Green, Yellow, Blue and RGB color changing are available.
  9. LED Bar / Strip Kits

    LED Bar / Strip Kits

    LED Flexible Strip Kit and LED Rigid Light Bar Kit, all-in-one LED light kit options with LED light bar /strip, LED controller/dimmer, and power supply included, allow to plug and play directly!